TRADITION: ours is masonry and it has been a part of who we are since 1887.

Our History

At Berich Masonry, Inc., we’ve been honing our craft for more than 100 years.

When my great grandfather, Carl Oberg, came to America from Sweden in 1887, he brought with him his skills as a stonemason and a dream to build structures that would make his grandchildren proud.

Carl left more than a legacy of fine masonry buildings. He passed down his craft to his son, Walter Oberg, who later taught my father the trade.

It was my father, Dan Berich, who founded our company in 1962. He mentored each and every one of his young masons and took fatherly pride as they mastered their craft. He earned a reputation for handling complex projects, exceeding clients’ expectations, and built customer relations that endured.

I knew from an early age that I wanted to continue that tradition.

That meant learning the trade and completing my own 4-year masonry apprenticeship, because, in the words of Dan Berich, “If you are going to tell someone to do something, you better know how to do it yourself.”

After working side by side with Dan for 15 years, I purchased the company in 2005 with my business partner, Andy Cooper. It is our honor to carry on the legacy of building excellence established by my father, great uncle, and great grandfather.

Todd Berich
President & Owner

Our Commitment…

… To Our Clients: We will give each project our full attention, a skilled and experienced team, and our most up-to-date equipment & technology — from budgeting to completion.

… To Our Building Owners: We will provide a beautiful, high quality product that will stand for generations (and make your grandchildren proud).

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Berich Masonry, Inc.

Built on a Tradition of Craftsmanship and Commitment

Our Mission

To build structures that make our clients and community proud by focusing on superior workmanship, safety, and efficiency.

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Berich Masonry

Berich Masonry